D. Shapiro – Appliance Cabinetry

Description of work:

We needed the kitchen cabinetry modified to fit a new refrigerator. (prior refrigerator died after approx 16-17 years)


After a SECOND refrigerator we purchased would not fit into our cabinetry(despite the appliance specs AND store survey indicating it should fit), we decided to call a carpenter to help us problem solve. I called John and he spent a lot of time on the phone talking and texting, viewing vids and pics on the phone. After determining a plan, he was kind enough to schedule the work quickly. TWO days after the phone call he was in my kitchen. Furthermore, after taking things apart, he exposed very poor workmanship by the original installers, which caused more problem solving and VERY difficulty work. John is meticulous with his work and would not leave until HE was satisfied with correcting the situation while ALSO ensuring acceptable appearance. The results were beyond what we expected. He worked incredibly to add every 1/16 of an inch he could to the height and width of the space. Now, we can finally have a refrigerator delivered as it is not fun living without one. Thanks John. I highly recommend John.